Find more information on why and what we sponsor, including a checklist with criteria for sponsorship.

Lantmännen's view of sponsorship
Through our sponsorship commitments, we at Lantmännen want to contribute knowledge about our responsibility from farm to fork.

We are one of the Nordic region's largest groups in food, energy and agriculture and we have both a responsibility and a unique opportunity to influence development in a sustainable direction.

Our collaborations are of varying nature, always with a broad commitment in the area where we ourselves operate and can contribute. The collaborations are carefully selected to create conditions for good relations with our target groups, increased interest and commitment to our business, as well as new business with those we meet along the way.

Lantmännen Cerealia's thoughts on sponsorship 
Our brands use sponsorship directly linked to relationship-building and sales-promoting activities that provide a measurable effect on results. We do not give away products as gifts or promotions.

Examples of sponsorship projects within Lantmännen Cerealia

Checklist for sponsorship
We receive many inquiries and suggestions for collaborations of various kinds. We use the following checklist when evaluating potential collaborations:

  • Sponsorship for us is about a collaboration between two parties where both get a clear exchange.
  • We say no to collaborations that are only about gifts and free products.
  • We prioritize projects that support the Lantmännen brand and our responsibility from farm to fork.
  • We want to be able to contribute with our knowledge and passion for food, health and the environment - for sustainable development in society.
  • We prioritize projects that several of our brands can use.
  • All sponsorship must comply with our code of conduct. In this way, we avoid sponsoring political or religious organizations, risky activities, activities that may harm people, animals or the environment, and activities that may be perceived as offensive or unethical.
  • Be specific with your counter-achievements - give us a clear idea of ​​what Lantmännen Cerealia wins in a collaboration.
  • Exposure of the logo is not a sufficient reason for us to sponsor but must always be in combination with one or more of the points above.