The brands of Lantmännen Cerealia has a longstanding Nordic history. Brands like AXA, FINN CRISP, Sopps and Amo goes back to the 20th century, and are loved companions on the Nordic dinner and breakfast tabes. 


Vaasan Group established a first steam mill in the city of Vaasa in Finland. It ground rye for flour for breadmakers.


The mill Bjølsen Valsemølle was established by Brukseier G. Martinsen. The mill has adapted to the changing surroundings from a rural location in 1884, to a life in the middle of a busy Oslo city center today.

19th century

AXA flour mill was established by P. O. Stokkebye in Lödese outside of Gothenburg. The mill produced flour under the brand AXA.


The brand Gyllenhammars was established. The Gyllenhammars mill in Gothenburg packs the oats in square packages. Earlier, oats has only been sold in bags.


The Brand BJØRN Havregryn was introduced in the Norwegian market, and is still the market leader within the oat business today.


P. O. Stokkebye established a new oatmeal mill in Agnesberg outside Gothenburg and launched the AXA brand. The new pioneering AXA Oatmeal was steam-prepared, which meant that the cooking time could be reduced from one hour to just three minutes, a revolution for Swedish households.


The Swedish brand Kungsörnen was launched.


The Danish brand AMO was launched.


The brand FINN CRISP was launched for the Helsinki Summer Olympic games.


The Swedish brand START was launched, bringing oat granola with extra crunch to the Swedish people. START is now a classic brand on the Swedish breakfast tables.


Denmarks first organic brand – Kornkammeret – was launched.


The vegetarian brand GoGreen was launched in the Swedish market. Nowadays, it's present in Sweden, Norway and Finland.


The Swedish brand Gooh, meaning Good and Healthy, was launched.