At Lantmännen Cerealia we develop, produce and market a large range of healthy and sustainable products. Our core offering consists of grain based products, such as flour, flour mixes, grains, granola, crisp bread, pasta, pancakes and more. Welcome to explore our product range and offering!

Did you know that...

Climate-smarter flour

Lantmännen's cultivation concept Climate & Nature means that we can grow wheat with up to 30% lower climate impact.

Residual products from oats become energy

The shells from our oats are burned and turned into electricity that runs the plants in Moss in Norway and Järna in Sweden. In addition, the energy is used to heat up about 3000 homes in the nearby communities

Swedish pasta made from durum wheat

After 16 years of test cultivation and development, we have been able to produce an all-Swedish pasta made from 100% durum wheat from Gotland.

Why choose Lantmännen Cerealia as supplier?

We take responsibility

At Lantmännen, we work actively with and invest large resources in research and innovation, as well as sustainability development. It is important for us to be able to offer products that our customers demand, that develop and establish sustainable cultivation methods and are good for health, animals and nature. We take responsibility from field to fork.

We do not compromise on quality

At Cerealia, we offer our customers products of the highest quality. When you shop from us, you can be sure that you get a product with a high and even standard that is quality tested.

Leverantörs- & hantverksbagerier

We help you as a customer

In addition to products of the highest possible quality, we are committed to helping our customers use the products in the best way. We offer advice and knowledge about cooking, recipes, waste thinking and other solid tips on how we can help you put the product into operation in the best, and most profitable, way.